REVEALED: Al Shabaab Beheaded Moi University Graduate

It has now emerged that a Moi University graduate was among the Kenyan Al Shabaab fighters beheaded by the Somali-based militia group.

Mr Jared Mokaya Omambia alias Abdulaziz, 30, was killed alongside Abdul Majid Faraj, 22, on suspicion that they were spying for Kenya.

Police believe that Mr Mokaya, a 2013 graduate of Information Technology, joined Al Shabaab while in Isbania, Migori County, where he was introduced to Islam and adopted the name Abdulaziz.

“It is not clear why Jared could have been killed by Al-Shabaab. But it is likely that he could have been disillusioned by what he found in Somalia and may have attempted to come back home," reads a police report quoted by the Nation

Kenyan security agents confirmed that the IT graduate had crossed over to Somalia after tracking a call he made to his parents in August 2015.

The other suspect, Faraj, was executed by his colleagues in the militia group after he once escaped from training camp in December 2011.

Faraj's departure from Kenya was established when his parents reported him missing at a tender age of 16. Investigations indicate that he had already assumed training of suicide bombers in Mogadishu. 

The police report further says that Faraj was arrested in Kenya after sneaking back into the country but was released to his family since he was a minor.

The teenager, however, ran away again to Somalia where Al-Shabaab began suspecting his movements.

“His arrest and subsequent release from police custody made the Al-Shabaab believe that he was working for the government,” the report states.

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