Rival Groups in Al Shabaab Change Name to Allign With Al Qaeda and Islamic State Terror Groups

  • Confidential security reports seen by journalists have revealed that a section of the Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabaab terrorist group has adopted a new name –  Dini ya Kiisilamu Super Power (DKSP)  following internal conflicts.

    The name change, security agencies confided, is as result of a possible split within the group as some militants pledge their loyalty to Al Qaeda while some had defected to the Syria-based Islamic State (IS) group.

    An intercepted audio recording of the group's top recruiter, Abu Musab, urged new recruits from Kenya to join DKSP which is affiliated to IS. 

    Security agencies revealed that the new group is headed by Sheikh Mumin who has already gathered over 1,035 followers in Kenya.

    Seven of these recruits are known to the security agencies and are on the police watch list of most wanted terrorists.

    War broke out between the two factions in mid-April after two high-ranking commanders, Sheikh Said Bulbul and Abu Karim, were executed for pledging allegiance to IS.

    Al-Shabaab has since carried out a series of executions which security agencies termed a 'cleansing exercise' for militia who could not be trusted, most of them foreign fighters.

    The group has also executed civilians suspected of spying on the organization's activities.

    Security agencies have issued a high alert following the fallout that has led some of the militia to flee Somalia and come into Kenya.

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