Two Sons of British Tycoon Harry Veevers Unwrapped His Body at a Morgue and Took Videos

  • Two sons of British tycoon Harry Veevers, unwrapped his body at a morgue and took videos prior to his burial, an inquest heard.

    Testifying during an inquest into the death of her father, Ms Alexandra Veevers said that on February 17, 2013 at Pandya hospital’s morgue, she was standing at the door of the morgue when her brothers, Philip and Richard, approached her saying they wanted some time alone with their father.

    “I left the two and they shut the door. The morgue attendant was outside,” Ms Veevers told the magistrate.

    After about 15-20 minutes, she went inside the morgue and found her brothers unwrapping her father’s body.

    “Philip was opening the eyes (of his father) while Richard was video recording. I was shocked when I saw them,” she stated.

    I told them, "I do not know what you are doing but you need to wrap the body, the mortuary attendant is coming, Richard started arguing with me,” she said.

    After the burial, the family asked to see the photographs her brothers had taken at the morgue but the two brothers refused.

    Mr Veevers, a Briton, whose death in Mombasa over four years ago is under probe, died on February 14, 2013.

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