[VIDEO]: How Violent Gangs are Robbing Nairobians in Broad Daylight

  • Hiding in plain sight has become the latest of tactics employed by robbers in Nairobi, as they keep finding new means to steal from residents.

    The robbers now walk the streets in gangs both for protection from mobs, as well as to ensure they work quickly.

    Once they have identified a victim, the robbing is done quickly and efficiently, such that before anyone thinks of calling the police, the robbers have mingled with the crowds and cannot be spotted.

    Their mode of operation simple and chillingly effective, taking advantage of the element of surprise.

    Once they have identified a victim, the robbers attack as a group, wrestle him to the ground and strip him of all valuables.

    Meanwhile, the victim is rendered helpless by one of the robbers who hold him in a deathly choke-hold.

    Within seconds, the operation is done and the robbers are gone, leaving their victim on the ground and a crowd that is too shocked to react immediately.

    Here is a video clip as captured by CCTV cameras on one such robbery incident: