Why Nairobians Might Start Paying Double For Water

The cost of the most important utility -water, may go up by over 90% in Nairobi if the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) approves it.

WASREB officials are set to meet before September to decide if the proposed tariff adjustments will be approved.

The increase will see Nairobi residents pay almost double the amount of their current bills.

Last year, the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company had sought the approval of WASREB to increase the water tariffs by 104%.

It was, however, only allowed a 93 per cent rise pending board approval.

The matter was never discussed after the terms of  the board's directors came to an end.

The board, however, promised to revisit the proposals once new members were hired.

This comes even as the cost of living continues to rise with prices of other basic items also increasing by the day.

According to Business Daily, in the past four months, Kenyans have been paying up to 20% more for basic items like electricity and maize flour.

The increase in prices have been blamed on the cost of crude oil on the international market.

The continued weakening of the shilling against the US dollar has also played a big part in the increase of prices of commodities.

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