Willy Mutunga Testifys in Case Against Standard Group

  • Former Chief Justice (CJ) Willy Mutunga on Monday appeared in court to testify in a case where he sued a local daily over his divorce case.

    Mutunga took to the dock to testify in a case where he sued the Nairobian, a weekly edition of the Standard Group,  for publishing a story claiming that he used his position as the CJ to influence a proceeding against his former wife Prof. Bervele Michele Laz.

    According to the article published in 2014, the former Head of Judiciary had caused a delay in the case during his tenure as the Chief Justice.

    However, in his testimony, Mutunga denied these claims stating that he had been aggrieved by the publication which he claimed caused embarrassment to him.

    He added that the story gave an impression that he had defaulted in meeting his legal obligations by regularly disobeying the courts and subverting the Constitution which he swore to uphold.

    Mutunga explained that he is the one who initiated the divorce case in which he agreed to be submitting Sh150,000 to his wife for six months.

    The former President of the Supreme Court is now seeking damages for libel and malicious falsehoods. The case will be heard on March 27.