Fri, 19 April 2024

  • 2:38 pm The Draft Affordable Housing Regulations 2024 requires Kenyans making contributions to acquire a housing unit under the Affordable Housing program to seek verification from the Board before the amount is refunded.  
  • 2:03 pm Brigadier Swaleh, a man who was involved in the helicopter crash that claimed CDF Ogolla, is laid to rest. 
  • 1:51 pm Sakaja issued with a demand note hours after the governor promised a modern nightclub inside Uhuru Park.
  • 1:13 pm Raila and other Azimio leaders visit CDF Ogolla's home to condole with the family.
  • 12:59 pm Justice Byrum Ongaya determines that the TSC acted outside its legal mandate by hiring interns as teachers.