10-Month-Old Baby Survives Gun Shot

  • Residents of Kapsika village in Bungoma County have been left astonished by a seemingly miraculous incident in which a 10-month-old baby girl survived a tragedy, after staying with a bullet in her chest.

    Vivian Naliaka, was a week ago shot by a gang that raided her parents house with a mission to terminate the whole family over land dispute. The gang arrived at the homestead at around 8pm and started spraying bullets without asking questions.

    Mr Stephen Wanjala died on the spot beside three of his children, among them Naliaka who was thought to be dead. She was later rushed to Bungoma Referral Hospital, where a quick intervention by a doctor saved her life. 

    Doctor Eunice Swaka, addressed the press at the hospital and said that Naliaka was in a stable condition, the Star reports. 

    Three other children and Wanjala's two wives escaped the ordeal by pretending to be dead. Naliaka's mother is said to be under police protection.

    The attack which happened on Thursday last week, has led to the arrest of 10 people including a pastor - a relative to the family - who was also linked to the tragic incident.

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    Police claimed that the animosity caused by land wrangles began after the mysterious death of Bramuel Lumbuku a member of the family, who was allegedly poisoned. 

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