Family Requests Govt Intervention After Kenyan Arrested in Egypt

A photo of police cells
A photo of police cells
Anadolu Ajansi

A family has come out to request government intervention after their kin was arrested in Egypt.

Speaking to journalists, the family requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to aid them in securing the release of their daughter who they said has been held by the Egyptian authorities since May 8.

According to the family, their kin was arrested as a result of having expired immigration paperwork alongside two other Kenyans in a crackdown initiated by the North African country's government.

The lady in question is stated to have immigrated to the country in 2018 where she was expected to join a relative and work as a house help.

A plane preparing to take off at a runway in a photo captured in November 2014
A plane preparing to take off at a runway in a photo captured in November 2014.
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However, she ended up dating a Tanzanian man with whom she bore a child with in 2019.

Later on the following year, the man flew back to his country, leaving the woman and her child in Egypt.

According to the family, the child has been ailing for some time forcing the lady to cater to her child’s needs without official employment.

Additionally compounding on the situation, the lady’s visa is stated to have expired in February this year. This forced her to live in fear and constantly employ tactics to evade the authorities. 

Her family’s efforts to raise the funds required to bring her back to the country have proved futile having raised only Ksh 2,000.

"I have no money to buy tickets for them since I do domestic work in the city. We have set up a WhatsApp group where my friends have helped me raise only Sh2,000. I fear for her and her daughter," said the family, adding that she will need at least Ksh200,000 to take care of all the costs.

Incidentally, this is not the first case where Kenyans are being trapped in a foreign nation with no means to jet back.

In April, two Kenyans were featured in Taiwanese news where they were forced into hard labour  after being promised well paying jobs before leaving the country. 

A man's hand cuffed inside a police cell
A man handcuffed inside a police cell
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