Dixon Kihika Kimani Served in Nakuru North, Laikipia West and Molo Constituencies

  • Late Kenyan politician Dixon Kihika Kimani holds the record as the only Member of Parliament (MP) to ever serve in three different constituencies.

    The vocal lawmaker was first elected to the National Assembly in 1974 as MP for Nakuru North where he served until 1979.

    He the moved to Laikipia West where he successfully vied for the same seat in the 1992 General Election before shifting to Molo where he served from 1997 to 2002.

    The MP had eight wives and 14 children among them current Nakuru Speaker and Senatorial aspirant in the August General Election Susan Kihika.

    The eight were Nyambura KihikaLucy Wangari, Jane Wanjiru, Miriam Warau, Charity Nyambura, Margaret Wambui, Winnie Wanjeri and Alice Kihika who is Susan's mother.

    [caption caption="Nakuru Senate Speaker Susan Kihika"][/caption]

    Kihika, who was never afraid of speaking his mind, is remembered for having six of his wives vie for parliamentary seats in different constituencies.

    At one time, journalists were called in for a news conference at his Engashura residence which he was in the process of transforming into a university.

    When a Standard Group photographer saw him holding a baby boy barely three years old into his arms, he asked: Have you also fathered this one?"

    Kihika sarcastically replied: "Tondu niwe undeithitie gugaciara? loosely translated to "are you the one who helped me sire him?"

    The veteran politician died in 2004 after he succumbed to diabetes-related complications at the age of 78.

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