Mohammed Ali Hits Out at Nyali ODM Aspirant Said Abdalla and Governor Joho's Brother Abuu Joho

  • Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho's elder brother, Abuu Joho has been accused of being behind a dirty campaign against Nyali Parliamentary aspirant and former KTN investigative journalist Mohammed Ali alias Moha.

    Abuu is allegedly the man behind an online campaign where posters have been circulated online to show that Moha has joined President Uhuru Kenyatta's Jubilee Party.

    Speaking to, the Nyali Parliamentary aspirant stated that he had not joined Jubilee, adding that the poster was propaganda by his rivals.

    He accused Mombasa Joho's elder brother and his competitor in the Nyali parliamentary contest, Said Abdalla alias Saido of being behind his woes.

    "My competitor Saido, and the real person behind him, Abuu, can only use fake, irresponsible and just silly tactics to compete.

    "Abuu is very desperate, he doesn't want this seat to go to another person. They have set up a small office opposite Nyali barracks recruiting young men and women whom they pay to do what they want," Ali stated.

    He further noted that the posters were being assembled on Thursday night and distributed to specific areas where he commanded a huge following.

    The journalist further noted that his rivals were attacking him as they were afraid that he would not tolerate their unacceptable acts if elected Nyali MP in the August elections.

    "They are afraid because if I come in, money must come down to the people, I will not tolerate impunity and I will not tolerate drug dealers," Ali stated in an interview with

    He advised his competitors to campaign with honour and speak to the people of Nyali on real issues and avoid cheap propaganda.

    Mr Ali is seeking to be the next Nyali MP and will face off with Saido, who is Joho's cousin, on August 8th.

    Last year, Nyali MP Hezron Awiti MP sensationally claimed that Governor Joho has been a puppet for his powerful brother as far as running the county government is concerned.

    Awiti alleged that Abu Joho is the one who runs the affairs of Mombasa governor while his younger brother follows his orders.

    Here is a photo of the poster: