African Union Observers Led by Thabo Mbeki Okay Kenyan Election Process

African Union (AU) election observers led by former South African President Thabo Mbeki have expressed satisfaction and confidence with yesterday’s General Election.

Mbeki noted that he had visited polling stations in approximately 30 counties where he observed that there were minimal anomalies and a large voter turnout.

“There were long queues in virtually every polling station I visited. There was tranquillity and minimal insecurity cases.

"I also noted a good response by voters who abided by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission rules,” Mbeki stated.

The former President made the remarks at Visa Oshwal Primary School in Westlands, Nairobi after observing the process in the polling station.

The Elections Observation Group (ELOG) on their part praised the voting process but called for more voter education.

ELOG noted that they would report a parallel tallying soon after IEBC announced the presidential result. 

The reports come amidst claims by the National Super Alliance (NASA) that IEBC systems were hacked and elections rigged in favour of Jubilee party.

Opposition Leader Raila Odinga, while addressing the media, noted that hackers invaded the IEBC system and created errors in the document that had presidential votes.

"They loaded an algorithm that created a constant gap of 11% (between Uhuru and Raila)...they also introduced programs that can manipulate data.

"We have sufficient proof that they effectively disabled the system from detecting date and time thus they were able to add and delete data.

"What IEBC has posted as results on the presidential election is a fraud," Odinga stated.

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