President Uhuru Kenyatta Gives 5 Orders to Nairobi Jubilee Leaders

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta has given five orders to Nairobi politicians who were elected on a Jubilee Party ticket in the just concluded elections.

    Speaking during a meeting with the leaders at State House, President Kenyatta first ordered the leaders to desist from any kind of squabbles when they take office.

    The President also directed that the leaders must ensure they deliver real change to the capital city residents.

    "Nairobians want to see efficient garbage collection, clean water, better traffic flow. In short, they want to see a rapid and significant improvement in service delivery," Kenyatta stated.

    The Head of State further warned the politicians against failing to focus on the lives of Nairobians adding that this would cost them public confidence.

    “Most of you have been elected for the first time, don’t allow power to get into your head, I have seen many taking that route and they failed. Wananchi are our bosses and that’s why we want to change Nairobi for the benefit of wananchi,” the President expressed.

    He further instructed them to work as a team in order to transform Nairobi and deliver quality improved services required by the city residents.

    “We want to change Nairobi, not for the benefit of leaders, and not for the benefit of the few who are able to make it on their own, but for the majority who depend on us to change their lives,” President Kenyatta stated.

    Kenyatta also told the politicians to put in place policies which would transform citizen’s lives.

    “If it is celebration please be moderate and thereafter start offering services. Kenyans who elected you are watching and after some time they will start questioning as to whether you are fulfilling what you promised,” he added.

    He finally directed the legislators to continue preaching peace and unity amongst Nairobi residents and also initiate all-inclusive programmes which would transform the lives of young people.

    “Please preach peace, tell wananchi in every estate to live together peaceful even as leaders sort out themselves. I’m counting on you to be peace ambassadors,” the Head of States directed.

    The President’s sentiments were echoed by other speakers including Nairobi Governor-elect Mike Mbuvi Sonko, Senator-elect Johnson Sakaja and MP Yusuf Hassan Abdi who said leaders would work to implement Jubilee’s transformative agenda and improve services.