Igembe South MP 23-year-old John Paul Mwirigi Boards Matatu to Parliament

  • There was excitement at parliament buildings on Tuesday as the newly-elected Members of the 12th Parliament met for the first time for housekeeping briefings ahead of their swearing in on Wednesday.

    Youngest elected MP, 23-year-old John Paul Mwirigi (Igembe South) who is fresh from school did not enjoy the luxury that is associated with legislators as he revealed that he boarded a matatu to Nairobi.

    Mr Mwirigi further revealed that he walked from downtown Nairobi to the National Assembly.

    "I am coming straight from school, with no political experience, and I will try my best to familiarise myself with the parliamentary processes," Mr Mwirigi said in an interview with The Standard, as he joined others on their way into the chambers.

    [caption caption="Igembe South MP John Paul Mwirigi"][/caption]

    Mwirigi is an orphan who went to a day school through well-wishers and never dished out money during campaigns.

    He promised residents that once elected he would build roads, supply water and invest in education, noting how challenging it was for him to get an education.

    According to a source from the constituency, he wasn’t a favourite in the race but his victory could be attributed to the door-to-door campaigns he did.

    He also campaigned using boda-bodas.

    Meru County also produced the youngest Member of Parliament in the 11th Parliament.

    At the tender age of 26, Boniface Kinoti Gatobu was elected in the 2013 election to represent Buuri Constituency. 

    On Tuesday, 290 constituency representatives and 47 women from the counties were joined by 12 others who were lucky enough to secure nomination from their respective parties.