Benefits of Using Cooperative Bank's MCo-op Cash App

  • Kenyans have been enjoying some amazing benefits for more than one year now following the unveiling of a user-friendly application for bank account holders.

    The app makes it easy and convenient for those with smartphones to operate their accounts and is available on Android and iOS.

    The Mco-op Cash App, which is easy to navigate as well as very friendly, has been helping Cooperative Bank customers access their Co-op Bank accounts and do a variety of transactions.

    First, you can access the recently unveiled mVisa services through the App. Using mVisa:

    a) You can send money for FREE to another Co-op mVisa number. The money reflects in the Co-op account immediately.

    b) Customers do not incur extra charges for using Co-op mVisa services to pay for their goods and services.

    c) Co-op bank customers can also withdraw money from their Co-op account in any part of the country from a Co-op kwa Jirani agent.

    In need of a quick loan, the app allows you to get a loan of up to 150% of your net salary at an interest rate of only 1.16% per month with no hidden charges like facilitation fees or processing fees.

    When it comes to paying your rent or school fees, avoid the long queues in banking halls and make your payments using Mco-op Cash.

    Better still, the feature helps you settle your bills such as water, DSTV, electricity (including buying tokens), pay for City council parking among others at your own convenience.

    In case you forgot or lost your ATM card and need cash, no need to panic. You can withdraw money from any Co-op ATM using the Mco-op cash app.

    Are you in an unfamiliar location and need to access a Coop Bank branch or ATM machine, the app assists you locate the nearest facility near you.

    Remember, you don't have to visit a banking hall or ATM to withdraw money. You can use the app to withdraw money from your local Co-op kwa Jirani agent.

    At the same time, Mco-op cash allows you to check the balance in your account as well as receive mini-statements.

    For those who operate various bank accounts, avoid the hustle of having to visit the bank since the feature allows you to do an interbank transfer. You can also transfer money to M-Pesa using the Mco-op cash app.

    To be part of this exciting experience, just dial *667# or download the MCo-op Cash app free of charge from Google Play Store.