Supreme Court Delivers Final Judgement on Accusations Raila Made Against President Uhuru

  • The Supreme Court of Kenya has cleared President Uhuru Kenyatta of claims that he was involved in electoral malpractices ahead of the August elections as accused by Opposition Leader Raila Odinga.

    Chief Justice David Maraga, while delivering the full ruling on the nullification of the Uhuru's re-election, restated that the petitioner (Mr Odinga) accused the 3rd respondent (President Kenyatta) of an alleged misuse of public resources. Justice Maraga, however, cleared the President of these allegations on grounds that no material evidence was provided to substantiate the claims.

    "The 1st petitioner had not attached any material evidence to support claims that the 3rd respondent was misusing public resources to his favour," Maraga asserted.

    On the claims that the President threatened chiefs in Makueni for failing to campaign for him, the Judges also cleared the Head of State for lack of sufficient evidence.

    "Petitioner (Raila) did not provide evidence to prove that the 3rd respondent (Uhuru) threatened chiefs in Makueni," the CJ stated.

    Justice Maraga also addressed the petitioner's claims that Cabinet Secretaries publicly asked Kenyans to vote for Jubilee.

    On this issue, the CJ directed: "We cannot afford to lock our eyes to the President who had no benefit to bring his thoughts into this. Let the matter be addressed in the right proceedings." 

    In sum, it was noted that the President did not in any way engage in any activity that could have given him an unnecessary advantage over his competitors.

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