IEBC's Statement After Supreme Court Issues Full Presidential Petition Ruling

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has for the first time spoken after the Supreme Court gave its full verdict on the presidential petition.

In a post on its Twitter timeline, the Commission announced that it was studying the details of the ruling that was issued on Wednesday and would act accordingly.

“We are studying the detailed Supreme Court ruling. We will communicate how we will implement the recommendations,” the body stated.

When issuing the majority verdict, Chief Justice David Maraga asked the Commission to adhere to the law when conducting the repeat presidential election.

He warned that the Court would not hesitate to annul the results of the upcoming election if it determines there was a breach of the law.

“For as long as the Constitution has the provisions granting this court the mandate to overturn a presidential election in appropriate circumstances, it will do so because the people of Kenya in the preamble to the Constitution adopted, enacted and gave unto themselves the Constitution for themselves and future generations,” the CJ warned.

In the ruling, the judges noted that based on the evidence placed before them, they were unable to impute criminal intent or culpability against the Commissioners or other IEBC officials.

Despite confirming that irregularities and illegalities were committed during the August elections, they could not point at specific individuals responsible for the errors.

CJ Maraga stated that what the evidence only proved there was a systematic institutional problem but could not find fingerprints of individuals who may have played a role in the commission of irregularities.

“We are therefore unable to impute any criminal intent or culpability on either the IEBC Chairman or any other Commissioner or member of IEBC,” he declared.

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