Babu Owino Reacts to Jaguar's Apology

  • Embakasi East Member of Parliament Paul Ongili aka Babu Owino has finally spoken out after an apology from his Starehe counterpart Charles Njagua aka Jaguar.

    Mr Owino on Thursday stated that he had accepted Jaguar's apology after their altercation at Parliament buildings and condemned the behaviour of the legislator terming it as 'unbecoming.'

    "I have accepted Jaguar’s apology and Embakasi Central MP Benjamin Mwangi for attacking me in Parliament.

    "That was conduct unbecoming of Members of Parliament," wrote Babu on his Facebook page.

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    On Wednesday, Jaguar asked the public, particularly the people of Starehe, to forgive him and promised never to be involved in such scuffles.

    “I want to apologise to the public and the people of Starehe for what happened because I know they never elected me to fight but to work for them,” he remarked during a press conference at Parliament.

    On Tuesday, Jaguar and Mwangi accosted Mr Ongili in Parliament’s press room and exchanged blows over the legitimacy of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    The two promised to teach Mr Ongili a lesson for disrespecting the Head of State.

    While speaking to the press, Jaguar stated that the Embakasi East MP is his friend and added that he had no intention of picking a fight.

    He reiterated that he only wanted to talk to Babu as a friend and dissuade him from attacking the President.

    “I want to apologise to all those who were offended by my action. I apologise to Mr Owino but I ask him to stop attacking the President," remarked Jaguar.

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