Police Explain Why They Shot Dead Nairobi Billionaire's Son

  • The National Police Service has finally spoken out on the brutal killing of Bunty Shah, son of Nairobi tycoon Vipin Shah who owns Bobmill Mattresses.

    The shooting occurred on Sunday morning at their home in Westlands area and the manner of the execution raised eyebrows as the deceased was shot in his bedroom.

    Police, you however, explained that on 21st October, they got information that some unidentified individuals were plotting to stage multiple attacks in Nairobi using weapons that were kept in an unoccupied house along Peponi Road.

    "Having evaluated the information, a quick check confirmed that there was indeed such a building along that physical address that was adjacent other properties that were occupied.

    "In view of the real and imminent danger to public security, a further and thorough check at that unoccupied property became necessary and had to be done immediately," read part of the police statement issued by spokesman George Kinoti.

    [caption caption="George Kinoti"][/caption]

    The police allege that during the operation, they came under fire from a balcony and in the shoot-out, Mr Shah was fatally injured.

    "Unfortunately, during the operation, officers involved came under fire from a balcony of a building cross by.

    "The unidentified person continued firing even after being cautioned, forcing the officers to respond. In the ensuing exchange of fire, the individual who has been identified as Bunty Shah, was fatally injured," stated the police.

    "We regret the unfortunate death and wish to assure the public that a thorough inquiry into the circumstances of the shooting has been instituted," read the statement.

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    A guard, who was injured during the incident, claimed that the officers banged the main gate as they forced their way in.

    It is the noise during the raid that woke up Bunty, who is said to have peeped through the window only to be shot by one of the officers.

    He was rushed to MP Shah where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

    “He was not resisting, he just heard the commotion and woke up to find out what was happening. That is when he was shot,” his uncle Kiru Shah told journalists at the home.