Why Kisumu is Receiving Money from London

  • A section of Opposition strongholds have started receiving money from the United Kingdom (UK) after National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters in London held fundraisers in aid of post-election victims.

    Over the weekend, NASA supporters in the UK led by their coordinator Abdi Ali raised money at St Mary's Church Hall, Hayes to help settle medical costs for demonstrators injured during the anti-IEBC protests held last month.

    "A few officials just held an impromptu meeting to raise funds to support families of victims of police brutality in Kisumu. They need treatment, so we raised Sh134, 000," Ali was quoted by the Standard.

    Mr Ali stated that the fundraiser was attended by 50 NASA supporters adding that more fundraising meetings have been lined up.

    [caption caption="File image of UK NASA supporters demonstrating"][/caption]

    "We must raise more money to help the desperate situation in NASA strongholds," he stated.

    The first batch of the money was already sent to Kisumu disaster management team.

    Abdi called for the investigation on the officers who allegedly used excessive force to quell the protests. 

    Meanwhile, more than 20 people were in October hospitalised with gunshot wounds and other injuries during the anti-IEBC protests in Kisumu.

    Following the huge number of injured victims, Kisumu Governor Peter Anyang' Nyong'o declared a week of mourning adding that the "police brutality was unacceptable".

    [caption caption="File image of Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o addressing the media"][/caption]

    "I have declared one week of mourning in Kisumu because of the massive bloodshed, and during this time, nothing will happen, including the repeat election on October 28, as ordered by IEBC.

    "What is happening in Kisumu is similar to what has been going on in Congo. We cannot allow this," he stated.