I Was Expecting Uhuru to Welcome Me - Raila Declares

  • National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga on Friday stated that he had hoped President Uhuru Kenyatta would welcome him back into the country rather than repulse him using teargas.

    Addressing his supporters along Haile Selassie Avenue after he and his supporters were denied entrance into Uhuru Park, the opposition leader claimed that DP William Ruto was the reason why Mr Kenyatta was a no show at the airport.

    "Instead of welcoming me appropriately into the country, he sends the police to teargas me and my supporters. That is cruel. I thought Uhuru will come to receive me at the airport. Uhuru refused and chose to spend time with his deputy, William Ruto.

    "I appreciate and thank you (supporters) for turning out in large numbers to receive me at the airport. My anger has been triggered by President Uhuru and his Deputy Ruto. I have returned home from abroad, and President Uhuru Kenyatta knew where I was. It is not like he did not know," he explained.

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    He condemned the police brutality meted on his supporters, assuring that Kenya's 3rd liberation commenced on Friday.

    "Receive greetings from the American people. They are praying for you and have assured me that change in the country is something they will support," the former Prime Minister added.

    He concluded by assuring that "Canaan is near."

    Earlier in the day, Mr Odinga's son Raila Junior stated that police fired teargas canisters at the Opposition leader's vehicle along Jogoo Road.

    "His vehicle was hit by teargas canisters along Jogoo Road but we managed to move on with the convoy," he stated.

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    Moreover, three people were shot as police officers battled National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters during the confrontation.

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    Reports indicate that at least one of them has since succumbed to injuries.

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