2017 Top 100 Journalists in Kenya

  • Kenyans.co.ke is proud to release the Top 100 Journalists in Kenya.

    Over the past several months, we set to rank all Kenyan journalists in the country.

    What started out as a list of over 500 was narrowed down through a process of elimination using several key metrics.

    Watch the top 10 video below:


    Experience and career track record were some of the factors considered by our team of about a dozen researchers.

    We also assessed diversity in the field such as managerial roles and well as hosting influential and popular segments for broadcast journalists.

    Social Media influence and the journalist's relevance in 2017 was also scored.

    Furthermore, the quality of reporting and the impact in driving conversation in the country were also factored in the ranking process.

    Mohammed Ali is the Best Investigative Journalist of 2017.

    Zain Verjee, a veteran in the industry, gets the Lifetime Achievement Award with an illustrious career spanning over 20 years