Donald Kipkorir Takes Action Over PSCU's 'Slayqueen' Tweet

  • Lawyer Donald Kiporir has asked the office of the DPP, EACC and State House Deputy Chief of Staff Nzioka Waita, to take action against the individual who, while tweeting for the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU), "abused him".

    According to the tweet which has since been deleted, the individual referred to the City lawyer as a 'Slayqeen'.

    [caption caption="Deleted PSCU tweet"][/caption]

    The above tweet from the PSCU account sparked uproar on social media with many questioning whoever posted a personal opinion with the government account.

    The tweet was seen to be replying to Kipkorir’s tweet which had raised concerns about the rising number of kiosks, matatus and mitumba merchandise making way into the lavish Karen neighbourhood.

    According to Mr Kipkorir, the individual who tweeted was in violation of 'Chapter 6 of our Constutution & Public Officer Ethics Act.'

    Kipkorir accused the handler of the Twitter account of denigrating a Public office and abusing him.

    PSCU, after much backlash from Kenyans, took down the tweet stating that action will be taken against the person who tweeted it.

    This, however, is not the first time the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit has been put on the spot for painting Statehouse’s administration in bad light.

    Kipkorir is widely known for his flamboyancy and vast experience in Corporate and Commercial Law and is a registered Patent Agent.