KTN TV Presenter Dies

Kenya Television Network (KTN) sign language intepretration presenter William Sila is dead.

Sunday edition show host Ben Kitili confirmed that Mr Sila died on Saturday.

"Mr Sila was a dedicated sign language enthusiast in Kenya, RIP Sila," he stated.

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He succumbed to an illness at his home,he had complained of breathing problems.

Mr Sila he had gone to kenyatta hospital for medical attention and was supposed to go for surgery this coming Monday.

 KTN Journalist Mashirima kapombe condoled him as a man who was passionate about people living with disabilities. 

"We spend all day laughing only for it to end in tears... RIP William Sila... Our sign language interpreter. A man so passionate about the deaf and disabled. Gone too soon," she stated.

Before his death, he was a popular face on KTN news appearing frequently during the KTN Prime Time news.

The KTN journalist is one of the pioneering sign language interpreters in the Kenyan TV industry.

He graduated from Moi University with a Bachelors in Linguistics, Media, and Communication.

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