Wiper Leaders Endorse Kalonzo’s 2022 Presidential Bid

A section of Wiper leaders has endorsed Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s 2022 presidential bid demanding that the party be treated equally within the National Super Alliance (NASA).

Led by deputy party leader Farah Maalim, the leaders affirmed that Kalonzo should be given preference during the 2022 General Election.

Maalim stated that their party leader had made enough sacrifice since the 2007 election, therefore, should be the flagbearer in the upcoming polls.

"He sacrificed in 2007, in 2013 and in 2017. This time we are hoping, we are demanding, we are expecting everybody else to sacrifice for Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka,” Maalim stated.

[caption caption="Wiper Deputy Leader Farah Maalim"][/caption]

The same was echoed by Makueni Governor Prof Kivutha Kibwana who noted that the country ought to know that Musyoka’s candidature is “not a joke”.

“NASA sat and there was a Memorandum of Understanding that in 2022, Raila Odinga will not vie. Both of you had an agreement that was taken to the US by Prof Makau Mutua that he will support you,” he stated.

On her part, Kitui county boss Charity Ngilu, highlighted that it was time for Wiper to re-engineer in preparation for the 2022 polls.

At the same time, several parliamentarians accused their ODM counterparts of unfair treatment whereas they are in the same coalition.

Speaking after the return of Musyoka, the leaders claimed that they were not being treated equally citing the recent parliamentary appointments by NASA.

The leaders, mostly comprising of Members of Parliament reported that ODM had taken over all major committees which should have been headed by Wiper members.

They claimed that when Kalonzo was away, ODM denied them a fair share of the cake by taking over the leadership of the Parliamentary Service Commission, Public Investment Committee and Minority Leader.

“We expected the Parliamentary Service Commission seat to go to Enock Wambua but it has been taken away, we were promised the Minority Leader's post would go to Peter Mbui but we don’t have it,” they complained.

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