Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o Kicks Out His Officials From Posh Offices

  • Members of the Kisumu County Public Service Board have been kicked out of their offices in a raging feud with the county administration.

    The Board that was hosted in offices at the lakeside county's posh Milimani Estate has been forced to move their operations to a county social hall.

    Chairman of the PSB, Mr Nahson Oguya told reporters that the county administration had taken the drastic move after the High Court quashed an application to sack the entire board.

    "Our alleged relocation is an ill-intended scheme and aimed at frustrating us to leave office after the court stopped the county government from terminating our contracts prematurely," the Chairman stated.

    [caption caption="Kisumu Social Hall hosting the county public service board"][/caption]

    He added that the Governor's officials claimed that renovations were due for the offices hence the eviction.

    "We just only moved to the building last after renovations. I wonder why the county government would want to renovate it again.

    "We cannot continue working in such an environment. Why have they locked up our equipment? The said relocation was forcible and some of our furniture and other equipment were damaged. There is more than meets the eye," Mr Oguya argued.

    Confirming that the Board had been locked out of its offices, County Secretary Charles Olang’o told reporters that the Governor and his administration was within his rights to do so.

    "The building is the property of the government. We are establishing new commissions and boards. Some of these new agencies will be housed there. The government is free to do as it wishes with its properties.

    "Even the building we have been moved them belongs to the government. If they want it renovated as well, they should just say so," the County Secretary stated.

    He further dismissed claims that the eviction was a result of the court tussle stating that the decision to disband the Board had been initiated by the County Assembly.

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