3 Lies Nation Media Told about DP Ruto - Dennis Itumbi

  • Senior Director of Innovation, Digital and Diaspora Communications in the Office of the President, Dennis Itumbi, on Monday revealed three lies he claims Nation Media Group told regarding Deputy President William Ruto in a report suggesting he was at loggerheads with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    Through a series of tweets, Mr Itumbi accused the Nation of using anonymous sources to create misinforming articles after Kenyatta unveiled 9 nominees for Cabinet on Friday.

    "There is a clear abuse of the sacred journalistic protection of Anonymous Sources in our newsrooms. As a result, fiction has replaced truth and we are reading stories of the same level as Hardley Chase Novels," he stated.

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    He added that the newspaper had given false information regarding the Deputy President without reliable sources.

    "Let me take you on a few examples from the stories yesterday to show you that Daily Nation relied on lying anonymous Sources. Was DP  Ruto at State House on 23rd December 2017? The answer is No. Your Fake sources say he was," he tweeted on Monday.

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    Secondly, he refuted claims that Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) staff were delayed at the State House gate during the announcing of the CSs.

    "The second issue was KBC staff delayed at the gate on Friday? Again the answer is No. Your story quotes a Source lying and you present it as fact," he wrote.

    He further conveyed that: "Third was DP Ruto at Harambee House Annex on Friday? No. Again lying Anonymous sources."

    Mr Itumbi held that media should bear the responsibility, to tell the truth while protecting their sources.

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    "Finally, on this matter, some of us will not tire to point out when the non-existent Anonymous Sources are manufactured to support fake stories and transform personal opinions to News stories. Good day friends," he concluded.