9 Vocal Politicians Who Quit Politics

  • Some famous faces from across the political divide walked away from the spotlight to venture into other areas and left a gap in the country’s political scene.

    Former Regional Development Minister Fred Gumo who quit active politics in 2013 was a close ally of opposition leader Raila Odinga and was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Westlands Constituency.

    The lawmaker was appointed to serve as Regional Development Minister in 2007 and was in May 2012 appointed Minister for Local Government in an acting capacity.

    Norman Nyaga is also another vocal politician who disappeared from the political scene. He was once the Chief Whip in parliament and he was the legislator for Gachoka Constituency. Nyaga is the son of former MP Jeremih Nyaga.

    [caption caption="Dr Mukhisa Kituyi"][/caption]

    Dr Mukhisa Kituyi is another political giant who walked away from it all and joined the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

    Dr Mukhisa was first elected to Parliament on a Ford Kenya ticket in 1992 and became the Opposition Chief Whip. He also served as Kenya's Minister of Trade and Industry from 2002 to 2007.

    Former Member of Parliament for Kabete Constituency Paul Muite is another beast in the Kenyan political arena. Mr Muite is credited with being at the forefront of the battle to remove the single-party rule.

    Former Webuye MP Musikari Kombo could not miss a spot on this list. The outspoken politician served as Assistant Minister for Planning and Minister for Regional Development. He later took over the Local Government Ministry in late 2003.

    Kombo was recently hit with controversy after a court was told of how he used witchcraft to win elections. The court later found him guilty of using Witchcraft in 1994 elections.

    [caption caption="Former Webuye MP Musikari Kombo"][/caption]

    Veteran politician and longtime serving MP for Tinderet constituency Henry Kiprono Kosgey was one of the most popular politicians in Kenya.

    Kosgey served as Minister for Transport and Communications, Co-operative Development, Culture and Social Services, Environment and Natural Resources, Tourism, and Science and Technology in the Moi regime.

    Simeon Nyachae was probably one of the country’s most influential politicians with a long career in the civil service. He served in the Moi government as a powerful cabinet minister first for Agriculture, then later in the Finance ministry.

    Nyachae's plans to run for President destabilized opposition’s plans when most parties supported Mwai Kibaki. However, Kibaki appointed Nyachae to the government as Minister for Energy and later for Roads. He lost in 2007 elections where he sought the presidency and never returned to politics.

    Uncle Moody Awori was a game changer in politics in Kenya. He was elected to parliament in 1983 by the people of Funyula Constituency. He left politics in 2007after serving as Vice President during President Mwai Kibaki's first term.

    Lastly is Bumula MP Wakoli Bifwoli who is remembered for his theatrics and passion to legalize marijuana if he ever became president.