Uhuru's Former Advisor Pleads for Cancelling of Sh400 Million Debt

  • Cherangany Member of Parliament and President Uhuru Kenyatta's former advisor Joshua Kuttuny on Saturday pleaded for the government to cancel Sh400 million debt owed by Trans Nzoia farmers.

    Speaking during a funeral in Tuigoin, the Jubilee legislator, urged the president to write off the debts of the farmers in the Rift valley region just as he had done for Central coffee farmers.

    “We are in the government so our people should start realizing the benefits of voting for Jubilee.

    “Just like the president wrote off the debts of coffee farmers in central, the debts of those in this region should also be canceled. Army works and poor climate conditions resulted in poor yields."

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    Mr Kuttuny stated that the cancelation of the debts would enable the farmers to retain their title deeds which they gave as security.

    “Farmers lose money every season repaying the loans. The president should help us in scrapping off the debt through the national debt write off the programme," he noted.

    Earlier in 2016, KANU Party leader Gideon Moi had made a similar request to President  Kenyatta despite the two having fallen out at the time.

    Addressing residents of Kabarnet in his Baringo County, Moi pleaded with Kenyatta to write off huge debts owed by farmers in the Rift Valley region.

    According to Moi, the President had granted a major boost to coffee farmers in Kirinyaga County after he suspended their Sh2 Billion debt therefore, he should extend the favour to the vote-rich Rift valley area.

    "I humbly asked the President to extend the waiver to other regions. What he did during his development tour in Central Kenya is commendable," he urged.

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