How David Ndii Could Be Important to Kikuyus After 2022- Mutahi Ngunyi Explains

  • Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi on Sunday explained how National Super Alliance (NASA) strategist David Ndii could be an influential person to the Kikuyu community after the 2022 General Election.

    Mr Ngunyi stated that the Kikuyu nation would need Mr Ndii to help them strategize secession plans in case they betray Deputy President William Ruto' s 2022 presidential bid.

    According to the Professor,the Kikuyu's withdrawal of support for DP Ruto would amount to a huge loss for the community as they would be expelled from politics.

    "With or without the Kikuyu Nation, DP Ruto will become President, if they betray him, the entire nation will unite against them and vote for the DP in annoyance.

    "They will be banished from politics forever, they will find themselves looking for Mr Ndii to show them how to do secession," he conveyed.

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    Regarding the choice for running mate, Mr Ndii advised DP Ruto to allow President Kenyatta select his running mate.

    "During his 1st term in office, Uhuru was beholden to Ruto, he needed Ruto for re-election but now, it is Ruto who is beholden to Uhuru in order to become President.

    "The running mate will not emerge, instead, he or she will be created by Kenyatta, and at zero option Ruto will accept.

    "Uhuru's successor in GEMA and DP's running mate will be a product of political dynasties and will be created in a boardroom," he explained.

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    Here is the video: