NTSA Announces Changes to All PSVs

  • The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on Wednesday announced that all PSVs will be fitted with anti-rolling body standard by May this year.

    Appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Transport, NTSA Director General Francis Meja stated that this move would go a long way in reducing road carnage.

    "All Passenger Service Vehicles [PSV] to be fitted with anti-rolling body standard by May to curb fatalities," stated Meja.

    [caption caption="Photo of an Anti-rolling Bar"][/caption]

    Earlier this month, President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered all NTSA officials to leave Kenyan roads.

    Mr Kenyatta stated that the officers should leave the duty of manning roads to traffic police.

    The President also urged drivers to exercise caution on roads and pleaded with passengers not to complain of getting late but focus on reaching their destinations safely.

    A few days later, Assistant Inspector General of Police Charles Owino also asked NTSA not to interfere with the work of the officers.

    "NTSA has a role to play in policy making but it is not supposed to enforce laws and regulations.

    "NTSA and the police should still work together to ensure the policies are implemented," he remarked.

    On the rising number of accidents on Kenyan roads, Mr Owino promised to work towards ensuring sanity was restored though he warned that it would come at a cost.

    "This is impunity and I hope the police will now have enough space to work on the roads. The actions to be taken will be punitive and Kenyans must bear with the consequences," he added.

    [caption caption="NTSA Director General Francis Meja"][/caption]