Jubilee Top Brass Causing MCAs to Fight

  • Kangema Member of Parliament (MP) Muturi Kigano and his Kandara counterpart Alice Wahome have condemned the assembly leadership wars in Murang’a and blamed Jubilee Party’s leadership for the conflicts among the Ward Representatives.

    The physical fights at the Murang'a County Assembly have been worsened by the executive which is undermining the assembly's independence, the two legislators alleged.

    Speaking during a presser on Thursday, Wahome noted the conflict had been fuelled by individuals with "personal or isolated interests that cannot advance the county forward".

    "The independence of the assembly must be encouraged, enhanced and respected, and normally, there is a line between the executive and the assembly but they must find a way of working without undermining each other and making the assembly ineffective," Wahome stated.

    [caption caption="Kangema MP Muturi Kigano (right) and Kandara MP Alice Wahome"][/caption]

    Wahome criticised Jubilee Party leaders for issuing certain letters and taking positions, adding that "It would be premature to rush to give letters and directives without listening to MCAs."

    She further noted that the conflict arose because Nominated MCAs were being used to undermine the elected ones.

    "The resolution is for the MCAs' caucus and the Speaker to agree on how the assembly will be run. Where there is a disagreement, the assembly can vote," Wahome remarked.

    Jubilee secretary general Raphael Tuju on Wednesday nullified changes in the House leadership that triggered the fights and added that the party disciplinary committee would decide the actions to take against offenders.

    On November 26, a section of Murang'a MCAs exchanged blows as they attempted to evict the county assembly clerk in what was the first of a series of fights.

    [caption caption="Murang'a Ward Reps fighting"][/caption]

    Another fistfight ensued On Tuesday, in the assembly once again after "new" leaders came to occupy "their" offices following the changes in leadership.