My 1st Action in Uhuru's Cabinet - Keriako Tobiko Speaks

  • Former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Keriako Tobiko on Sunday revealed that his first action once appointed to President Uhuru Kenyatta's cabinet will be to unite the Maa community.

    During an interview with The Star, the Cabinet nominee did not divulge which Ministry he would head. However, he noted that there was a need to unify Maa community rather than focussing on clan issues.

    “If I am appointed CS, I will focus on unifying Maasai people in Kajiado, Narok, Samburu and Laikipia rather than dividing them. I will also unite the Maasai and other non-Maasai communities living in these counties,” he was quoted by the newspaper. 

    Mr Tobiko disclosed that he would a adopt both a horizontal and vertical approach to unite the people across all Maa regions.

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    “By vertical, I mean the Maa people must be united with a purpose because we share almost similar issues such as drought, education and health issues. As for horizontal, I mean that we do not live alone as Maasais but other communities are with us and we should embrace them.

    "My leadership will focus on four issues that include; displaying mutual respect for our elected Maa leaders and offering constructive engagement with them on issues that affect us in common. There must be respect among the leaders to allow healthy consultations among the entire stakeholders in the leadership sector," he explained.

    He further called for co-operation within all levels of government to deliver services to the Kenyan people.

    “Let us strive to lead by providing solutions rather than criticizing what others are doing for the sake of it,” he stated.

    Earlier in January, Mr Tobiko resigned as DPP when President Kenyatta nominated him in his cabinet.

    He later announced that Public Prosecution Secretary Dorcas Owuor would take charge in an acting capacity before his successor was appointed.

    "Oduor will take charge of the office as we await the process of getting a new Director of Public Prosecution," he stated.

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