Kethi Kilonzo Blasts Raila Over Swearing-in Plan

  • Kethi Kilonzo, an advocate of the High Court, has joined many other legal minds in criticising the National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders on their swearing-in plan, terming it unconstitutional.

    Posing on her Sunday Standard column, Ms Kilonzo stated that the plan is unconstitutional and one meant to destroy Kenya as a nation and its people.

    "By proposing to form a government in exile, like the exiled leader of the secessionist movement in Catalonia has, NASA is aware that their proposed course of action threatens to cannibalise our Constitution, the nation and its people," she asserted.

    According to the advocate, who was part of Raila's legal team in his petition against the presidential win in 2013, the law is clear that any attempt to form a government outside the provisions of the Constitution is unlawful.

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    Kethi, daughter of the former Constitutional Affairs Minister Mutula Kilonzo, advised the NASA principals to try and look for alternative ways to achieve electoral justice.

    “One of the mechanisms suitable for electoral justice is a popular referendum, like the once-hyped Okoa Kenya movement. The other is the dissolution of Parliament which as constituted is unconstitutional. There are many others,” she expressed.

    Kethi noted this despite her brother, Mutula Kilonzo JrMakueni Senator being one of the top parliamentary leaders in NASA.

    The Senator Mutula has, however, been silent on the swearing-in issue.

    The NASA brigade has heightened their plans for the scheduled January 30 ceremony where they plan to have their leaders, Odinga and Kalonzo, take oath of office at Uhuru Park.

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    Speaking on Sunday during the Mombasa People's Assembly rally launch, Kalonzo Musyoka warned President Uhuru Kenyatta that he has one week to start dialogue with Raila.

    According to the Wiper Party leader, the country may get into a crisis if Kenyatta does not move with speed to resolve the matter.