Charles Owino Reveals Those Responsible for Nairobi Muggings

  • Police Spokesperson Charles Owino on Tuesday revealed the individuals he claims are responsible for robberies and muggings within the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

    According to Mr Owino, who was recently appointed the Director of Communication Services at the National Police Service, politicians are responsible for the rampant robbery which is characterized by mugging and attacks.

    He explained that during the heightened political campaigns, the politicians were fond of dishing out cash to the idle and unemployed youth.

    Owino went ahead to explain that the youth who have now been left idle following an end to the elections have been forced to turn to criminal activities.

    [caption caption="IG Joseph Boinnet and Police Spokesperson Charles Owino"][/caption]

     "These youth had been kept busy by politicians who were paying them to run their campaigns but now after either winning or losing they have left the youth with nothing," he noted.

    He also pointed out that the surging numbers of street children are also partly to blame for the crime.

    Mr Owino divulged that the intelligence briefs from the Police service indicate that most of the thieves disguise themselves as street children to rob from people within the city center.

    "We have asked the county government to collaborate with the police and identify genuine street children from the imposters. Those genuine should be settled somewhere for rehabilitation as we look for better ways to deal with the imposters," he explained.

    His statement comes amid public outcry over the increased robberies in the CBD along Temple and Hakati roads, Moi and Haile Selassie Avenues, lower CBD, OTC Racecourse road, Uyoma road near St Peter's Clever Church among other places.

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    Owino further asked the county government, through their inspectorate department, to look at humane ways to get hawkers out of town.