Junet Announces Where Raila Will Visit 1st as People's President

  • Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Mohammed on Thursday announced that Opposition Leader Raila Odinga will embark on a meet the people tour after being inaugurated.

    Speaking in Kipkelion East during the burial of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) local branch chairman, Junet noted that Kericho County will be the first place Odinga will visit during the tour.

    He affirmed that the January 30 swearing-in will continue as scheduled adding that the Opposition will not be intimidated.

    "We shall swear in Raila next week and he will visit Kericho on his first meet-the-people tour as the people’s President. You cannot threaten him with jail as he has been there before," Nation quoted Junet.

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    Addressing Deputy President William Ruto's chances in the 2022 presidential poll, the vocal legislator stated that the second in command should not expect support from the Mt Kenya region.

    He noted that the DP will be betrayed adding that the deal to have Ruto take over the Presidency was just "a bunch of lies".

    "Members of the Kalenjin community are banking on a bunch of lies and political promises from Mt Kenya region leaders. Political pledges do not hold in politics.

    "Such agreements do not work in politics. It is in the history that Raila supported President Mwai Kibaki in 2002 but the central Kenya people did not keep their word.

    "The only true promise is what Raila is promising Ruto now," Junet stated.

    Meanwhile, Odinga, who was at the same funeral, noted that the DP cannot win the 2022 Presidency without his backing.

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    "Does Ruto think he can be a President without Raila? I can help him get there if he wants," he announced.