Judges in Trouble as Jubilee Revisits Judiciary

  • The Jubilee Party is set to intensify it's attacks on the judiciary by filing petitions seeking the removal of  a number of judges and court officers, according to a new report by the Nation.

    The ruling party has claimed several times that the judiciary is biased, accusing them of making decisions skewed towards the opposition.

    After the Supreme Court nullified President Uhuru Kenyatta's win in the August 8 Presidential election last year, the President stated that there was a problem with the judiciary and noted that it would have to be 'revisited'.

    Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju recently sent a strongly-worded letter to Chief Justice David Maraga, accusing the judiciary of not having the interests of the country at heart.

    Tuju demanded an explanation for the nullification, insisting that it was politically motivated.

    [caption caption="CJ Maraga with President Uhuru Kenyatta"][/caption]

    “The judges made a political decision that allowed the opposition to play politics with that decision by refusing to contest the subsequent presidential election.

    "Had they envisaged the way things turned out they probably would not have entered the political arena,” Tuju stated.

    He asked the Supreme Court judges to admit that their decision was wrong and 'Kenyans would forgive them'.

    Tuju noted: "The Supreme Court judges should examine their conscience and do an internal audit on how they ended with such a decision.”

    On Friday, however, the Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association dismissed the attacks as unwarranted and emphasized that court orders were to be obeyed.

    “The membership of Kenya Judges and Magistrates Association is resolute that we shall uphold the rule of law, steadfastly defend the Constitution and diligently dispense justice without fear or favour,” Secretary-General Derrick Kuto stated.

    [caption caption="CJ Maraga with Raila Odinga"][/caption]