Chief Justice David Maraga's Veiled Response to Tuju

  • Chief Justice David Maraga on Monday issued a subtle response to Jubilee Party secretary-general Raphael Tuju who attacked the Judiciary last week.

    Maraga stated that he is required to provide servant leadership and makes rulings based on the evidence he is provided with.

    “From our recent past history, it is common knowledge that some of the disputes brought to our courts involve matters of great national importance; matters which, if not carefully and, in my view, prayerfully handled, can tip the balance of national security and plunge this country into chaos and total anarchy,” stated Maraga during a leadership workshop at Kenyatta University.

    He further stated that making irrational decisions would betray the trust Kenyans have in the Judiciary.

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    “For me it will not only be a travesty of justice but also a great betrayal of the trust the Kenyan people have bestowed upon me if I were to decide any case on considerations other than on the evidence presented before me and the applicable,” added the CJ.

    Last week, Tuju accused the judiciary of bias and 'almost burning the country'.

    In the strongly-worded letter, Tuju disclosed that Jubilee had been constantly facing frustrations from the Judiciary particularly from the head and Supreme Court of Kenya President, CJ Maraga.

    “We were in the middle of an election cycle and we decided to let things cool down and grant the Judiciary space despite the several cases of which were perceived as open bias,” the letter read in part.

    Tuju, who was nominated to the cabinet, accused the Judiciary of questionable behaviour indicating: "It was recently revealed that Justice Odunga is related to Siaya Senator James Orengo yet the judge had presided over numerous cases where Orengo is retained as the advocate."

    Besides, the CS nominee pointed out eight instances of what he termed as "incidences of open bias by the judiciary" including the urgency with which cases by veteran human right activist Okiya Omtata were treated by the Judiciary.

    He further accused the Judiciary of offering anticipatory bail to NASA affiliates following a crackdown that targeted participants in Raila Odinga's swearing-in ceremony.

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