Are We Going to be Allowed Back? Senator James Orengo Asks Before Leaving Kenya

  • Siaya Senator James Orengo questioned whether he and businessman Jimi Wanjigi will be allowed back into the country after leaving for Zimbabwe to attend Morgan Tsvangirai's burial.

    Addressing journalists at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), Orengo maintained that they were uncertain if the state will allow them back to Kenya.

    "If we leave, are we going to be able to come back? And if we come back, will we be able to live here? In Kenya, you never know... they may claim you belong to another country," Orengo stated.

    Orengo maintained that they were humiliated and frustrated after they were blocked from travelling to Zimbabwe.

    [caption caption="Siaya Senator James Orengo and businessman Jimi Wanjigi"][/caption]

    The Siaya Senator stated: "We have not only been inconvenienced and humiliated but we have also been oppressed. Somebody will have to answer for it. The matter will not end here."

    He added: "We had a standoff from last night, trying to seek an explanation. It was only this morning that there was a change of heart."

    Orengo and Wanjigi were barred from leaving on Monday night hours after the High Court suspended the government's decision to revoke passports of seven NASA leaders.

    He maintained that Immigration Director Gordon Kihalangwa had the court orders that suspended the ban on their passports.

    In an earlier statement, Kihalangwa remarked that the two were blocked from travelling to Harare as the Immigration Department learned of the court order through media reports.

    [caption caption="Immigration Director Gordon Kihalangwa "][/caption]

    He stated: "The orders had not been served by the time the duo wanted to travel. After arriving at the JKIA, they were requested to avail the copies of the court order but they had none."