Devolution PS Nominee Nelson Marwa's Remark That Left MPs in Stitches [VIDEO]

  • Devolution Principal Secretary nominee Nelson Marwa on Wednesday left legislators in stitches during his vetting session in Parliament.

    The former Coast Regional Coordinator highlighted the need to provide opportunities to the youth and women by giving them contracts in supplying relief food.

    "Why must we have three contractors supplying relief food in the country? Why not contract youth and women supplying?

    " opposed to tunaendelea kuenrich three individuals alafu wananona wanakufa haraka (which loosely translates to we continue to enrich three individuals who fatten up and die quickly)," he stated as the entire room erupted into laughter.

    He reiterated the need to ensure equitable distribution of wealth as there was no need of benefiting a few individuals at the expense of vulnerable communities.

    Here is the video courtesy of KTNNews


    Marwa further stated that he would hasten the transfer of assets belonging to defunct local authorities so as to prevent misappropriation of the properties costing the taxpayer millions.

    The PS nominee conveyed that he had a clean track record and had never been involved in any corruption case, a trait he would carry along in his new position.

    "I have never been implicated in any corruption case or misappropriation of funds and my goal is purely service delivery, not other side shows," Marwa stated.

    He added that he would collaborate with the Ministry of Interior to combat the drug menace in the Coastal region.

    "We have to collaborate in the fight against drugs," he explained.

    [caption caption="Permanent Secretary for Devolution Nominee Nelson Marwa"][/caption]