Raila's Call for August Elections will Fail - Mudavadi [VIDEO]

  • Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi on Wednesday stated that National Super Alliance (NASA) Principal Raila Odinga's call for fresh elections in August was heading for failure because of lack of a proper plan by the coalition legislatures.

    Speaking during an interview with NTV, the coalition's principal explained that NASA MPs had not addressed the issue of the election's finances in the budgetary allocations.

    He added that there were no legal frameworks in place to ensure the elections take place as suggested by Raila.

    "I asked them (NASA MPs) if they had made any provisions for a fresh presidential election inside the budget, and they said no. Now, issues of democracy of this nature must always be financed by the citizens themselves, and that can only be done through Parliament," he conveyed.

    Mudavadi faulted Raila's advisors for the unrealistic push for elections terming them as sycophants.

    [caption caption="NASA Leader Raila Odinga"][/caption]

    "There are those who may think that just do what is perceived to be popular, but there are also those who have the courage to sometimes tell people that that is not the right path.

    "It is important to have advisors around you and it is also very dangerous to have sycophants advising you," he added.

    He advised the coalition to focus and strategize for the next election cycle by pushing for transparency in how the polls are conducted, to ensure every vote counts before 2022.

    According to the constitution 2010, the process of a presidential election can only be initiated by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) by publishing a notice in the Gazette and in electronic and print media of national circulation.

    "The President shall be elected by registered voters in a national election conducted in accordance with this Constitution and any Act of Parliament regulating presidential elections. Presidential elections shall be held on the same day as a general election of Members of Parliament, being the second Tuesday in August, in every fifth year," the legal document states.

    Here is the video courtesy of NTV: