Interior Ministry's Secret Bank Account Exposed

  • A new audit report has revealed how the Interior Ministry operated a secret bank account contrary to the law.

    The report further exposed how the ministry has operated secret accounts through which over Sh8 Billion has been funnelled off since Jubilee came to power in 2013.

    Auditor General Edward Ouko, in his findings, indicated that the ministry transacted over Sh8.7 Billion without the authority of the National Treasury as required by law.

    Ouko also noted that the ministry did not maintain a cashbook, bank reconciliations and related payment records to support the numerous cash withdrawals and deposits made through the account.

    [caption caption="Auditor General Edward Ouko before the Public Accounts Committee in Parliament"][/caption]

    He further accused the Interior docket of deliberately concealing bank balances of the mystery account to the auditors.

    In the report, the Auditor General isolated Sh12.7 Billion that the ministry sent out from the account into four separate deposit and investment accounts.

    Ouko also protested the move noting it was made without prior approval by the Cabinet based on recommendations from the National Treasury.

    “In addition, repayments, interest and proceeds received back to the account are Sh4,211,839,878, resulting in an unaccounted-for balance of Sh8,476,957,081,” the report stated.

    The findings also put former Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro on the spot for an unexplained loss of Sh193 Million cash from Police Clearance Certificates.

    [caption caption="Auditor General Edward Ouko "][/caption]

    Ouko has outright stated that there could have been huge cash withdrawals of taxpayers’ money disguised as confidential expenditures.