Kenya Ranked as Top Destination by Women Expatriates

  • Kenya has been ranked among the top countries preferred by most women expatriates to pursue a career in.

    In the ranking published by Expat Insider, female expats placed Kenya as the tenth-best destination to work in due to higher income as compared to their countries and above-average satisfaction with career prospects.

    The Survey commissioned by a global network of expatriates, InterNations, interviewed over 7000 women expatriated in 168 countries.

    Among those sampled, 36 percent stated that their income was higher while 60 percent had their career expectations met.

    A statement from the global network stated: "It might be the income that makes them stay: same as in the USA, 16 percent have a gross household income of more than Sh15.3 Million per year."

    [caption caption="Rankings in terms of jobs and career"][/caption]

    20 percent of the women expats had been sent by their employers to Kenya.

    Kenya was ranked 12th in the ease of settling in and fourth in how easy it was to communicate -language barrier was minimal.

    On their official website, InterNations describes Kenya as: "Working in Kenya provides you with the opportunity to participate in East Africa’s “economic growth engine” and conquer a few challenges along the way." 

    On the other hand, the expats cited long working hours and lack of job security as some of the drawbacks of working in the country.

    Kenya had the longest working period among the countries in the top 10 ranking with 46.4 hours weekly.

    The country however made it to the bottom 10 list when it came to peacefulness, political stability and personal safety.

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