Why Victoria Rubadiri is Sad About Her Country of Origin, Malawi

  • Celebrated NTV anchor Victoria Rubadiri on Tuesday expressed her concern for her Malawian kinsmen who according to her will not be able to watch the much-hyped Marvel Movie, Black Panther.

    Speaking on the NTV Entertainment News segment, Victoria divulged that there are no movie theatres in Malawi and therefore, her kindred will not watch the movie.

    One Tweep highlighted that Malawi does not have a cinema and a Malawian journalist confirmed by writing an article about it. 

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    It is reported that people in Malawi have organized road trips to travel to watch the Lupita-featured movie in Zambia.

    However, Kenyans marveled at how the whole country does not have a cinema in 2018.  

    Unknown to many, Victoria's lounge host has a Malawian lineage.

    Her grandfather, is Malawian world-renowned poet, scholar, and novelist James David Rubadiri.

    Mr  Rubadiri is regarded as one of Africa's most celebrated poets to emerge after independence.

    Born in 1930, David went to school at Makerere University, Uganda, before returning to Malawi where he was appointed his country’s first ambassador to the United States.

    At Makerere, his schoolmates are some of East Africa’s most prominent leaders.

    “Studying economics at Makerere was Kenya’s future president Mwai Kibaki; he was a year-mate of mine and we were great buddies and very close. Tanzanian former president Benjamin Mkapa was also to join Makerere, albeit much later than us,” the elder Rubadiri stated in an interview with the Daily Nation.

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