Government Refuses to Increase Police Salaries

  • Police officers are protesting a move by the government to have their salaries slashed even after they have acquired additional academic qualifications.

    Officers who were awarded pay rises on the basis of having acquired additional academic qualifications will not only retain their original salaries but designations as well.

    According to sources in the police force who spoke to The Standard most of the officers affected are not happy with the decision.

    “No employer should vary an employee’s salary downwards. We don’t understand why the commission is making such a decision,” one of the officers who sought anonymity told The Standard.

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    Additionally, officers who are disabled will no longer enjoy tax exemptions and the National Police Service stated that this takes effect this month.

    The constitution, however, exempts the people leaving with disabilities from paying taxes if they earn Sh150,000 and below monthly.

    NPSC Chief Executive Joseph Onyango wrote in a letter: “The commission has received reports that salaries and terms of service for some officers have been varied on the basis they have either acquired additional certificates or their status has changed due to disability.”

    He added: “The commission has made the decision that all the salary adjustments and variations based on the above be revoked and reverted to their original pay and designations.”

    More than 1,000 constable graduates have been enjoying special allowances.

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    The graduate constables were also being paid salaries equivalent to what inspectors earn but they were not entitled to the same house allowance.