Migori Senator Ben Oluoch Okello Addresses Fake News on His Death

  • Migori Senator Ben Oluoch Okoth on Friday vowed to take action against the individuals who he claimed created and spread the fake news on his death while he was in India for treatment.

    Speaking during a show at Mayienga FM, he blamed his political enemies whom he linked to the spread of the fake news on social media. 

    He pointed out that the matter is being investigated by the relevant government authorities adding that those behind the misinformation will be prosecuted.

    "Why would people wish I was dead when I am as fit as a fiddle.

    [caption caption="Senator Ben Oluoch Okello (Twitter)"][/caption]

    "And it is bad that these people use fake accounts in order to hide their identity.

    "They must respect feelings of our family members, relatives, and friends," he remarked.

    Senator Okello, a former Royal Media Service (RMS) journalist had travelled abroad for treatment but he returned to the country recently.

    He further noted that the posts had caused discomfort and grief to his supporters, relatives, and friends.

    "My doctors have declared that I can now resume my duties as a Senator," he affirmed.
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