KNH Denies Claims of Another Surgery Blunder

  • The Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) officials on Friday denied the claims that medical practitioners at the facility botched another surgical operation leading to the damage of the intestines of a patient.

    Acting Chief Executive Officer, Dr Peter Masinde refuted allegations that the internal organs of 36-year-old Susan Nekesa were damaged during a Caesarian Section operation conducted on her on January 24.

    “During this particular caesarian operation, there was no complication. She was taken back to maternity ward post operation where she remained stable for the next 4 days when she started complaining of abdominal pains, swelling, and vomiting,” he stated.

    According to the acting CEO, health officers at the hospital diagnosed a blockade in Nekesa’s intestines after she complained of abdominal pains.

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    “She was reviewed by a team of surgeons who diagnosed her to have an intestinal obstruction which is a surgical emergency that required surgery.

    "She was adequately prepared for theatre and done for surgery on 2nd February 2018, no injury to internal organs was observed during the surgery," he stated

    Dr Masinde further explained that doctors successfully removed dead tissues which resulted from the hindrance of blood flow in a section of the intestines.

    “It was found that a section of her small intestines has herniated through a defect of rectus sheath that was not in any way linked to the caesarian section,” he explained.

    The hospital divulged that the patient has been booked for the third surgery on Monday next week to examine complications she had developed after which she would recover in about a week.

    Nonetheless, the patient gave a different account of the story claiming that after the operation, her stomach started swelling and she was taken back to the theatre.

    “It was discovered that the surgery was not done correctly. A portion of the small intestines, like 50cm, was outside the chamber where it was supposed to be," his husband Robert Sitati added.

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