Facebook Announces Plan to Let Users Recall Messages

  • Facebook has announced a major change that will allow its users to recall sent messages.

    The social media company announced that going forward, it will launch the new feature that will be a major departure from the current situation where users cannot recall messages.

    This will save a lot of users from "text regret"- a situation where the sender immediately starts regretting why they wrote a text moments after sending.

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    Facebook is in the process of developing the "unsend" feature that will launch in the next few months.

    The announcement comes shortly after Whatsapp, another social media platform affiliated to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced a similar feature.

    The Whatsapp feature allows users to delete all types of messages sent within a timeframe of seven minutes.

    The 'unsend' feature enables users to take back messages sent accidentally or that people regretted later.

    Unlike other applications with the feature, Whatsapp does not allow the user to entirely delete the evidence that a message had been sent.

    Instead, a notification remains both on the sender's and recipient's chat indicating that a message has been deleted.

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    Reports indicate the possibility of a beta version of the Facebook feature being in existence after Zuckerberg allegedly recalled messages he sent out in chat with the social media platform users.