Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Sues Nation Media Group for Sunday Nation Article

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Monday announced that he would sue Nation Media Group's Sunday Nation which ran an article purporting that the Governor conducts official business while drunk.

    Governor Sonko conveyed his dismay at the article claiming that it was only published to make him look bad.

    "A story in the Sunday Nation titled 'The Madhouse that is Sonko's City Hall Office' has been widely circulated both in print and electronic form.

    "It has achieved its purpose, which was to portray the Nairobi City County Government under my leadership as dysfunctional, and depict me as a failed Governor," his statement read in part.

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    The Governor went on to outline a number of claims made in the article that he deemed to be untrue.

    "The claim that I drink alcohol in meetings and throughout the day is an outright lie, and it will be upon the Sunday Nation to prove this in court.

    "The other claims of making phone calls in the middle of official meetings to give M-Pesa instructions, or failing to listen to my officers, are all bald allegations peddled by the Sunday Nation team," he lamented.

    Addressing the split with his County Executive Committee Member for Finance, Danvas Makori, the Governor explained that he had acted out of his Constitutional mandate to in service to the residents of Nairobi.

    "The subsequent decision to sack one of my CECMs, Danvas Makori, was necessitated by the information I obtained, and which he admitted to, that he was in constant communication with people associated with my predecessor who has been sponsoring negative publicity against me.

    "In one of the text messages in his phone, Makori discussed with my predecessor's Personal Assistant about how they would withdraw Ksh10 Million every week from County coffers, what used to happen all the time during my predecessor's administration," he stated.

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