Anne Waiguru Seeks Help From Uhuru Over Land Scuffle

  • Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has sent an urgent appeal to President Uhuru Kenyatta over a land scuffle at Mwea Trust Land. 

    The County boss seeks to have the Head of State immediately form a commission to address the controversy within 90 days. 

    According to the former Devolution Cabinet Secretary, the President's intervention is the only way to prevent further bloodshed over ownership of the 54,000-acre property.

    In a statement, Waiguru noted: "The status quo ought to be maintained as a lasting solution is sought through civilised means."

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    A bloody conflict is reported to have erupted after new settlers attempted to kick out those who have been living on the land, following the recent controversial sub-division and allocation. 

    According to those who have been on the land, the County government has been faulted for the volatile situation. 

    However, Waiguru exclaimed that the ownership controversy steemed from historical injustices after administrative boundaries interfered with the land Kirinyaga residents had set aside for grazing for their livestock purposes.

    On Sunday, Waiguru declared that the sub-division and subsequent allocation to new settlers null and void, noting that there was still an active case involving the land pending in court. 

    "For the time being, let no one attempt to move and settle until the commission we have called for is appointed and completes its findings and recommendations as to who should benefit from the land,” she announced.

    The County boss further exclaimed that her Embu counterpart, Martin Wambora should have consulted her before the sub-division was done since Kirinyaga residents claimed part of the land.

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